San Pietro In Vincoli

3D surveying and modelling of the Sacristy of San Pietro in Vincoli, University of Roma Tre, 2021.

Valdés Leal

High-resolution recording of masterpieces of Valdés Leal, with FACTUM Foundation, Hospital de la Caridad, 2020.

Sala Capitular

3D digitalization, modelling and analysis of the geometry of the Sala Capitular, Cathedral of Seville, 2018.


High-resolution recording of masterpieces of Murillo, with FACTUM Foundation, IAPH, 2018.

Ferapontov Monastery

3D modelling of the Ferapóntov Monastery, with FACTUM Foundation, 2017.

Borgherini Chapel

3D recontruction of the Borgherini Chapel, with FACTUM Foundation, 2016.

San Baudelio

3D recording, modelling and training, with FACTUM Foundation, 2016.

FE3D Picasso

3D analisis of the 3D models of Fernande, Picasso, University of Trento, 2016.


3D survey, modelling and visualization of the archaeological site of Copan Ruinas, with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2012-2014.

Roman Theatre and Forum

3D survey of the Roman archaeological site of Trieste, with SMART3K and 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2014.

Etruscans 3D

3D survey and modelling of the Etruscans Tombs, Tarquinia, Cerveteri and Vulci with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2011-2013.

Roman Theatre, Ventimiglia

3D survey and modelling of the Roman Theatre, Ventimiglia, with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2013.


3D surveying, modelling and analisis of Industrial Heritage, with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2010-2012.


3D surveying and modelling of Prehistoric alpine shelters and artefacts, with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2010-2011.

Casa de Pilatos

High resolution 3D record of tiles, with FACTUM Foundation, 2020

Raphael Cartoons

High-resolution recording of the Raphael Cartoons, with FACTUM Foundation at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, 2019.

Santa Paula

3D digitalization, modelling and training, Monastery of Santa Paula, 2018-2019.


3D digitalization, modelling and visualization of the Stmo. Cristo del Calvario y Ntra. Sra. de la Presentación, Sevilla, 2018.

Seti I Tomb

3D reconstruction of the Seti I Tomb, with FACTUM Foundation, 2016-2017.

Bernardino Luini

3D browsers for the canvases of Bernardino Luini, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, with FACTUM Foundation, 2017.

Chrysanthemums in a Green Vase

High resolution 3D recording, modelling and visualization, with FACTUM Foundation, 2016.

Murallas de Ávila

3D analisis and data optimization, University of Salamanca, 2016.


3D survey and modelling of the archaeological site, University of Salerno, 2015.

Temples of Paestum

3D survey and modelling of the Temples of Paestum, with the University of Salerno and 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2012-2014.

Arch of Augustus

3D modelling of the Arch of Augustus, Susa, with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2013.


3D web visualization of complex models with Nubes, with the CNRS MAP Laboratory, Marseille, 2013.


3D survey and modelling of Environment and Landscapes of Upland Sites in Trentino, with 3DOM-FBK, Trento, 2010-2012.

Western Han Dynasty

3D landscape reconstruction for the Virtual Museum of the Western Han Dynasty, CNR ITABC, Rome, 2010.