Geometric and radiometric optimization for the web visualization of large 3D models

Nowadays, the development of 3D recording techniques, such as photogrammetry and laser scanning, offers new possibilities in order to study, analyze, document, preserve and reconstruct the Cultural Heritage Sites, and furthermore, due to the latest technological developments in hardware and software, is possible to exploit the online resources, not only to visualize but also to study and analyze remotely large and complex 3D digital models.

However and despite technological breakthroughs, still is possible to find great limitations, especially regarding the data post-processing. Photogrammetry and laser scanning produce not only optimal and accurate photo-realistic 3D Models, but also large data.

Among current systems, the NUBES platform, developed by the CNRS-MAP Laboratory, allows 3D digital Cultural Heritage data to be managed and shared on line.

The aim of my research is to optimize the geometric and radiometric resolution for the web visualization of the 3D Models, without losing details and accuracy.